Finding the Best Examples of Celtic Jewelry

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Celtic jewelry is a way to tap into an ancient tradition that has never gone out of style. Centuries ago, the jewelry created by the Celts had such unique designs that they have never gone out of style.

So you can find Celtic rings, bracelets or necklaces with a traditional look or more contemporary interpretations of this heritage. The rest of this article will be concerned with the many types of Celtic jewelry that people are choosing to wear.

By wearing Celtic style jewelry you are jumping into an old tradition, because these designs have survived for many centuries. Gold and silver were used by the Celts to create jewelry in the early Christian times, and museums still have some of their work on show today. A number of Celtic designs were memorialized by Irish monks in famous books, like the Book of Kells which has a home in the Trinity College, Ireland. Designs that were used many years ago, like Celtic knotwork, spirals and zoomorphic designs, can be found in jewelry these days, which can be bought for a cheap price on shops or online. There are people who just like the designs because of how they look, and others like the history of these designs.

One of the distinctive aspects of Celtic design are the way animal images are used. Known as zoomorphic images, these can portray a variety of animals, such as birds, serpents, bulls, lions and so forth. These images are related to Celtic mythology, which is something worth exploring if you're interested in this tradition and are curious about the origins of the symbols. In some cases, the animal forms may have human faces. It's not uncommon to see animal forms in Celtic knots, and you can see this style in lots of pieces of Celtic jewelry. As an example, a bracelet might have a knotwork style that has animal faces on both the ends. This adds more of a mysterious quality to the Celtic jewelry.

You can browse and buy Celtic jewelry from many places these days. A simple online search will reveal thousands of choices, from sites specializing in this type of jewelry to huge retail or auction sites like Amazon and Ebay. Make sure you check the reputation of the seller before buying anything. You could go down the more traditional route, where you search for some authentic jewelry makers who are from Celtic countries. Should you be lucky enough to visit a Celtic country you will of course be able to take a look in the shops that sell genuine Celtic jewelry. Many Renaissance fairs, as well as craft and jewelry shows, will have Celtic inspired jewelry and other artifacts as well.

There are many possibilities that you can explore, when you choose to find the right piece of Celtic jewelry. With the many designs that can be found with Celtic jewelry, you can wear something that has an exotic as well as fascinating look, but can also be simple. The particular type of jewelry you look for will, of course, depend on your needs and preferences. The Celtic tradition has many designs, such as knotwork, that can be made into just about any type of jewelry.

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